Hi There!

My name is Davina and I am the owner of Kashay Printables.

Understanding that the decor of a party or event can create a wonderful atmosphere, I decided to offer my creative and artistic talents to others and so Kashay Printables was born!

When organising celebratory parties or events, decor has always played a big role, especially if there is a theme. My mission is to always ensure the theme is executed from the invitations to the table decor. To do this, I always use my creative and artist skills to add a special touch to each event or party because I recognise that each individual likes to feel extra special when celebrating a milestone or special event.

This special touch has always meant creating and crafting handmade decor, I even went as far to make buildings for the cake table of a superhero party!

Kashay Printables takes pride in what they do and believe in providing their customers with the best professional personal service.