Still unsure and have some questions about our printables, then we are here to help! Below you will find the frequently asked questions on our printables and a troubleshooting guide.


Printable Information


What is a printable?

A printable is a digital file that can be either emailed to you or downloaded. These files can be printed at a local print store or at home.

Kashay Printables are PDF’S, except invitations which are also sent as a JPEG file in addition to the PDF.


Do I need any software to print or view the printables?

You will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, save and print the PDF files. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, here.

In regards to the JPEG files any photo viewer software will be ok to view these files.


I only have a Mac, can I still view and print the printables?

Yes you can! You will however need to use Adobe Acrobat reader and not Preview, which is the default PDF viewer on a Mac.


Will the printables work on my ipad, iphone, Smartphone or tablet?

Unfortunately the only files you will be able to use will be JPEGS, as they are photo files and can be viewed, emailed and printed from any photo software.


Can I add or edit files?

All of our files are NOT editable. They are password protected and cannot be edited. All files are emailed to you already personalised and ready to be printed.


How many copies can I print?

You can print as a many copies as you need. However no copies should be printed as sold as you will be violating our terms of use. Please ensure you read our terms and conditions thoroughly!




When printing what paper should I use?

For most of our printables you will need to use white card stock or matte photo paper. These can be purchased at an arts and craft store, office supply store or online. Check each printable to see what paper is recommended for printing.


What size paper do I use?

All our printables are set to be printed on A4 paper, however our international customers can also use 8.5” x 11” paper.


I have an inkjet printer can I use that to print my printables?

Yes you can. However it is recommended that you then set your printer to ‘fine print’ or ‘photo print’ to get the best results.


Do I have to print at home?

No you can print at your local print store or use an online print store. If you would like to print your invitation at your local photo printer you can but you will need to use the JPEG file instead of the PDF.


How to cut printables


How do I cut out the printables?

For Invitations, Thank You cards, Banners, Buffet Cards, any printable with a straight edge – Use a craft knife and metal ruler or even a paper cutter/trimmer. This will help to keep the edges straight.

For Cupcake Toppers – Use a 2” round craft punch.

For anything else – Use a good sharp scissors.

All cutting tools can be purchased from an arts and craft store like Hobbycraft.


Tutorials for our printables



Cupcake Topper

Cupcake Wrappers

Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Favour Bags

Water Bottle Labels

Thank You Cards

Buffet Cards/Name Cards



I can’t save or print my PDF?

Make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF. If you are and are still having trouble please make sure you are using the latest version.


Why is my file printing smaller than the actual size?

When you print make sure you set the “Page Scaling” to “NONE” or “Actual Size” in the print window.


When printed, the colours of my printable aren’t what I expected?

Please check the following to ensure best printing results:

  • Please make sure to print only from Adobe Acrobat Reader only!
  • Although you can use cardstock, matte photo paper ensure better colour results. Printing on other types of paper can drastically change the colours of the printables even if you are using the same printer.
  • Check your ink levels. Lowe ink can sometimes interfere with the vibrancy of colours.
  • Make sure that you have selected the right type of paper in the print options. Do not select photo paper if you are using card stock.
  • Select best quality in the print settings.
  • Also try selecting print as image in the advanced print settings.


If you question still isn’t hasn’t been answered please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email info@kashay.co.uk or fill out our contact us form here.